Print Marketing! is it dead or alive?

Print marketing has had a huge influence on the way we market over the years. In Real Estate Sales, we still see a large presence with print marketing. In property management, we tend to now lean towards email and social media campaigns. Is anyone still doing property management print marketing whether it be the newspaper, mailbox drops or direct mail ad what success are you having?

I’d be interested in anyone who has moved a print marketing campaign into an online campaign and would be open to sharing their results.

Yes I do a monthly advert in my local “free” paper in Tauranga… call the Weekend Sun… and it is amazing how many people comment on seeing my advert in there… just keeps me out there in my local market place


Hi Karen,

Welcome to the forums. Thank you for sharing, thats great news… this is a community paper I believe? Do you run the same ad? Can you share it here? I think that staying in front of the community is hugely important, and this is awesome that this works for you and your business.

Hi Ashley

Yes it is a community paper… with a large distribution area… and it is widely read and followed… I have 3-4 adverts and a mix them up… this paper also has an online presents and maybe once a year I also advertise on this… my adverts are always colour and are normally 8x2 in size… I have found this to be my best received advertising…I have tried BOP Times and “nothing”… I have been advertising for over 4 years now in the Weekend Sun.

Hi @karen and welcome to forums :slight_smile:

I think that is a valid point around keeping yourself out there. Sometimes we forget the little things that we can’t measure that keeps our name in front of mind in our community. Thanks for sharing.

Yes… @adam… so many people get all excited about social media, etc… that they forget about the basics … the good ole tried and tested advertising… it also reaches a larger age demographic.

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Welcome Karen, great to see you here.

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