Raising Fees

Raising fees - we all have to do it sometime - but when is the right time?

When presenting full CMA at lease renewal time?
or part way through the lease

At end of financial or calendar year - or does it really matter?


Hi Louise

We raised our fees last year on our whole portfolio. We have over 800 landlords and only one landlord pushed back.

If you drop me a mail at oliver@wre.co.nz then i can let you know the process we followed and how we presented it to our landlords.



We have recently reviewed fees on our portfolio. Quite a number of older clients had negotiated hard and were sitting on low commission rates so we selected those and sent an increase. No push back at all, and we have achieved a great result.
We were badly affected during the first Covid lockdown with market rents dropping 25-30% so we did wait until rents had recovered to pre-Covid rates (only in the last few months!).


This is awesome news @julie Congratulations. Thanks for sharing.