Reception webinar

(Michelle Kathopoulis) #1

Good morning all,

At the risk of sounding like, well, that I should be searching for something better - don’t worry, I am! :smile: … But with our administration team being the most regular to turn over (usually because they are promoted into Property Management or aren’t the right fit) I find that I am regularly training in the same topics - especially with how to manage and field enquiries that are received by our office. Is there a webinar or past recording of some suggestions for our admin team that I can utilise for them? Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

And while we are on the topic of webinars - communication is something else that i would like to delve into (or ask about) - how to educate and encourage Property Managers to communicate as their owners would like them to - so that they understand the Property Manager is empathetic of their situation but is looking for an outcome (much like what was mentioned in the “What’s Holding You Back” blog by @jodie.stainton about the “smart Property Manager” understanding a more effective approach with communicating).

Are there some resources available that may assist me in my quest for additional training and encouragement for our team - that isn’t just our own internal training all the time?

Thanks for hearing me out. :thinking: