Rental Market Going Nuts in Your Area?

So who else is experiencing a rental market that has just gone nuts the last few weeks ? It’s not isolated to one area, it’s right across metro Adelaide, hard to keep up !

Some examples:

  1. Greenacres SA - family home, 155 people through the opens and 53 applications
  2. Glenelg North SA - small home, 79 groups through and 22 applications
  3. Smithfield SA - we haven’t even conducted the first open yet and have 48 groups registered to attend, been online for 2 days
  4. Flagstaff Hill SA - 60 groups through, 40 applications

Not sure where all these people are coming from all of a sudden…

Happ Wednesday :smile:


Exactly the same Tim! It’s nuts.
Did you also see that Westpac have reversed their prediction that prices will fall 20-30% and now are saying there’s going to be a 15% increase? Fun time to be in real estate!


Toowoomba isn’t that crazy but we are still seeing a 1.2% vacancy rate and renting properties before they even hit the market. Predictions are being reversed in a few areas - i don’t think anyone knows at present…

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That still sounds awesome @rebecca given earlier in the year we were bracing for what could have been high vacancy rates.