Renti & TPS

Processing application in New Zealand

Renti vs TPS?

Any thoughts? :thinking:


Hi Eden

We currently use TPS - can’t speak for Renti as I have never used it however as far as TPS goes they’re incredible. Just an all-round great bunch of people who know their stuff and are easy to work with.

The product and software is constantly updating to ensure all compliance and privacy factors are met.
Its clean, easy to use and the support is on point. Tenants find it easy to use.

We’ve been partnered with them for a number of years now - feel free to drop me an email ( or call me directly if you want to discuss in greater detail :slight_smile:


I agree with @Cherie - we also use TPS and have found it a really good system to use. They keep everything ( tenancy agreements & privacy laws) up to date which was our initial reason for switching to them. Its clear, easy to use and gets updated regularly with improvements.