Reviewing Goals with the Team

While many of us business plan by financial year, we often use the new year to set some fresh goals, or to sanity check progress on the existing ones. I used to have a half team day about mid-January when everyone was back at work to review progress on our annual business plan and set short term goals for the next quarter of half year.

Is anyone else doing a similar things with their team?

We are reviewing our team Business Planning sessions to track progress and set new goals as a team. We also complete individual reviews in February - shifting away from the traditional “Performance Review” style and focusing in on personal development and goals, we’re working on a new structure for these so keen to hear how others are approaching this.

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@julie I know I have harped on about this before, so forgive the double up and feel free to rubbish my idea as “Too Wofty!”. We have had great success in using the Lululemon Framework for goal setting, and Intention setting for the "Life You Want"

The above image is an example of a completed version of this (not of our team, someone in Lululemon) their websites have tools, and free templates you can use, and it allows us as Business Leaders to see the full picture of a team members vision, we can then help them acheive this, as well as recognise when its time to let them follow their dreams.

Anyway, hope it helps!


Thank you Ashley, this looks like a great approach (I think they’ve been reading “The Secret”…). I’ll have a good look and I’m sure it will give us lots of ideas for our process - certainly quite a step away from the old manager led performance review…