Reward and Recognition Ideas

When running a rewards and recognition program it is often hard to keep the ideas flowing on things to give team members as part of their recognition. Recognition doesn’t alway have to be individual. Consider times where the whole team has achieved a business goal or rallied to get a task done.

For team members achieving KPI targets or doing other great things I find it sometimes just needs to be something quirky like a giant jar full of lollies or movie tickets. If celebrating team achievements it could be things like doughnuts, bowling or even lunch in the park, in proportion to the size of the achievement.

Throw some ideas out there! What do you do to reward and recognise your team for their hard work and success?

@adam Are the donuts for the team member, or for yourself? Be truthful :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@adam works alone so he is taking himself go carting!

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I buy them for the team but eat most of them :stuck_out_tongue:

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I knew it!!

Great looking donuts, I have to say!

Not as good as chocolate fish!

Those Chocolate Fish are AMAZING!!!

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