Reward and Recognition


(Jodie Stainton) #1

The lovely @terrihandy came along to our BDM Team Meeting today and inspired me to create a leaderboard for the BDM Team…So, I’ve been playing around with leaderboards and also badges. Interestingly, on the Credly site, badges can become claimable by anyone…so I’ve created a few BDM badges. Please know this is just the start and I’ll add a few more tomorrow.

Here’s what they look like (don’t think they’re great design, but do like it’s a site that you can give credit and share it to social media etc). Let me know how you go about creating this in your teams or whether there is a better idea that you’ve seen.

(Ashley Giles) #2

Great idea @jodie.stainton Its amazing how simple the small things are to the greater results. What a great idea, I can see you building this out for a whole bunch. Please just make sure there is no “Particpation Prize!”

(Jodie Stainton) #3

Hey @ashley.giles and @terrihandy - yes I completely agree but I do feel like the bronze badge is that at the moment! LOL Where my head went to though, which I forgot to put in the post, is that we could build these badges out for tenants for eg. 12 months paid on time. They could be given and as it’s a site where ‘others’ outside of my team can claim or be given, it could genuinely become something we all used. Interesting to think about!

(Terri Handy) #4

@jodie.stainton I love the idea of using something like this to recognise great tenants - you could also do it for owners. It helps strengthens relationships and all of those things we do internally to improve our team culture, can be utilised for our “client culture”. Not sure it is even possible to have two different cultures, but anyway, that is a completely different topic. Years and years ago, LJ Hooker used to do the “A1 Tenant Card” and I remember how chuffed the tenants were, they loved it! Not only would this help retain great tenants within your brand, it would definitely help attract the type of people we want to work with. Prospective owners are not the only ones looking at our Google ratings.

(Sarah Martin) #5

There is a program called Redii all about recognition and peer to peer thanks. Highly recommend

(Terri Handy) #6

Thanks @sarah Do you think this is something that could transfer over to tenants?

(Sarah Martin) #7

Ohh no sorry I read it wrong!
I saw a wonderful agent giving a welcome pack to the tenants, tenant of the month certs & vouchers to the local cafes.

(Colleen Sutherland) #8

What you know about technology available is remarkable