Reward & Recognition Criteria

It is important to reward your team for their accomplishments to ensure they are getting acknowledged for the great things they are doing. Rewards can, however, have the reverse effect if you haven’t defined what recognition looks like and who is entitled to it.

In the past, I have used both internal key performance indicators (KPI) and net promoter score (NPS) as the two core things I measure success on. This allows transparency throughout the team and recognises those who are achieving high results.

There are many other ways to reward your team and for many other things including contributing to culture, training and general office participation. What criteria do you use to define your rewards and recognition program?

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A good topic @adam. This is something I have been more proactive about since I have returned to running the business full time.

It is important for our team to look at award opportunists outside the industry too! This year we are proud to have been nominated for the Westpac Peoples Choice awards…

Its been great to be able to send this out to our clients and ask them to endorse us, I am not sure we have a shot at winning given the size of our small business, but even to be in the running is exciting!


Hey @natalie it’s great to see you in Forums, welcome. I think the process alone will be rewarding for both your team and your clients. It’s a fantastic idea and good luck :slight_smile:

Does that mean you voted for us @adam :slight_smile: Thanks, excited to be part of the conversations here.

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O, I have now @natalie :slight_smile:

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