Rewards & Recognition

Having recently watched “The Framework of a High-Performance Team” webinar it got me thinking about rewards & recognition for staff. I saw @adamhooley did a post on this and high performers a few years ago now but am wondering if anyone has any new suggestions or ideas.

I currently throw around a few chocolate fish at the weekly meeting - The PM who completes their weekly KPI survey first or the person with a great statistic change whether it be arrears or maintenance etc.

We’re quite big on team events and have the weekly meetings or team lunches at a local café occasionally or the usual donuts/cake in the office.

Looking for more individual based things - we are very much a team but I like to acknowledge those who are achieving great things or going above and beyond

What do you do for your team members?


I think it depends on the team member and what motivates them. We have an office of working mums so the early finishes, or a day off for a sports day is great for them. We also do gift vouchers and lunches too.


I like recognition based on values. I think it reinforces the values of the business, which, if ingrained into the DNA of the business, can be really powerful.


Hi Cherie,

We have a weekly meeting that involves shout-outs where one team member will tank another for helping out as an example. The one with the most votes that week, gets sent a virtual trophy that basically says well done. After 3 months, we then have an award (usually a gift card) for the person that has taken out the most shout outs.

We also do things as a group once every 2 months or so. We have done bare foot lawn bowls, axe throwing, simple pub lunches and the like. The company pays and it works really well in promoting esprit de corp and helps to keep morale high.


Hi Jodie,

We have our own cultural policy that extolls the virtues we want our employees to have. We also have policies such as "We Don’t Go Home Till _ _ _ " and the like. All of these help in making sure we all come up to and then maintain a certain level of professionalism.

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Hi Cherie,

We have recently discussed Rewards within our office and as a female based office we have come up with a “Day at the Spa”

It is nice to be rewarded for hard work, as Property Management can be a hard gig some days.


Love that Eloise! We are also a predominantly female office. Will definitely add this to my list of options :slight_smile: