Sales Force

(Glenn Lehman) #1

I am evaluating Sales force to determine if this is the CRM system we should utilize.

Does anyone have a comment or suggestion?

(Rikki Sambrooks) #2

Hi @glenn

We use SalesForce here at LPMA and I think it’s great. Although it’s not initially easy to use and not overly intuitive, once you have training on it there’s a lot of positives. It has a lot of integrations and the ability to log all your emails in Gmail is particularly useful. You can run reports on pretty much anything you can think of - once you understand how to put in all your own fields etc!

(Glenn Lehman) #3

I head it has a learning curve. I also heard it is expensive. Put everything else I look at seems to not have what I need. Do you integrate it with slack?

(Rikki Sambrooks) #4

No, we don’t integrate it with Slack. I have also heard it’s quite expensive compared to other options available. HubSpot seems to be well regarded and recommended

(Adam Hooley) #5

Hubspot is a great tool. I use it in my business. It is vanilla compared to Salesforce but completely integrates with GMail and Zapier which opens your world to heaps 1,000 of other integrations. It is a bit light on with reporting tho.

(Ashley Giles) #6

@glenn, as @rikki mentioned we use Salesforce with LPMA, and its a great tool. Personally, I think it is a little “over engineered” for Property Management, are you going to use it just for New Business? Or are you going to run all clients through so replacing your Trust Account System for correspondence etc.

(Glenn Lehman) #7

Okay thanks everyone for the input to date. We looked at Salesforce and it is a powerhouse, I loved their little Einstein in some of the videos and the use of AI in helping to identify additional leads through reverse analysis of social media and lead trends. To make all the work though I would need a budget that would not produce a return on investment until I had about 10 million units. So I have ruled out the system with the most glitter.

I then checked Hubspot which has a much lower entry point in cost. After some research it seemed to me they were a marketing company that added a CRM as a method to sell the marketing system. In looking the price became to high as I expanded my marketing plan, because you paid for the number of people on each email list.

So I then looked at Zoho CRMPlus - this is 11 applications that work together. Entry point for this is $50(USD)/month/seat.

:blush: - I don’t even know what you call money down under - guess that is my next google search - BRB

Oh you call them dollars too so it is about 71(AUD)/month/seat

Sorry back on track - We have done a few evaluations of it and are looking into it in a deeper dive. (we will spend about 40 hours over the next 7 days) - I figured though I would see if anyone here has used it before though. Thoughts?


(Adam Hooley) #8

Hi @glenn thanks for keeping us updated with your search for a CRM. This is handy research. I’ve not used Zoho before so would be keen to hear if anyone else has.

Happy Holidays to our stateside friends :slight_smile: