Saving trees (and speeding up processes)

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

Has anyone had any success implementing docusign?

Did you use it just for one process, or have you rolled it out to replace all your paperwork… tenancy agreements, management authorities etc etc?

Would love to hear any war stories :slight_smile:


You will love electronic signatures @oliver Your life will be transformed!

Lease Renewals, Management Authorities,Tenant Transfers, Lease Breaks, initial Tenancy Agreements (still have an introduction meeting - you could even do this online), Pet Clauses introduced after a lease commences. This list goes on and on.

There are a few different products out there and some are starting to integrate with the agency software really well. DocuSign is one of the early ones, but there are some industry specific tools that are popping up and these might be worthwhile investigating.


Hi @oliver, Docusign is becoming very popular here in OZ. In fact, REI forms have recently integrated into their online forms subscription. You can send them directly from REI forms for online signing.

Don’t shorthand yourself, once you have access, roll it our across the entire business, obviously at a speed comfortable with the team.

@jodie.stainton made a comment that as soon as she implemented online signing into their new business process, she was getting signed managements back nearly instantly.


It’s made a huge difference to our business.

We have used Docusign to great effect for lease renewals. It has sped up our process - we now get around 90% of renewals back signed and finalised within 7 days. It’s so much simpler than our old process, easier for our tenants, avoids print outs, and the result is a tidy, legible document (no more dodgy photos of documents!). The online signature is also considered to be more authentic than written signatures on scanned/photocopied documents given the security around logins. It’s also made easy work of some internal documents like the 16 page long H&S or Employment Agreement. You’ll never go back!


That’s awesome @julie Did you have any issues with implementation from the team perspective? Are you planning on rolling it out through management agreements and new tenants also?

@oliver you will love Docusign, we use it everyday in our business (without a VA) and its fantastic. Happy to go over this, give me a call sometime!

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We are lucky enough to have a tech savvy team member who dealt with the implementation and training, plus it’s easy to use and track where each document is at. We do have plans for Tenancy Agreements and Management Agreements and are looking at completing these with our clients in person where possible, using an iPad to initial and sign as we go. There is plenty of potential. It was on the list for a good year before we went ahead - wish we’d got there earlier!


Isn’t it awesome when you find something that, after you implement it, you wonder how you ever did without it. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Thanks all! Very much appreciate the feedback, will report back :slight_smile:

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Hey @oliver,

We’ve recently integrated digital signage into Renti for all tenancy agreement transfers sending etc. It was requested by so many property managers that we couldn’t resist doing it! Definitely seems like the way everything is going. A huge benefit of digital signage is that with most you can set up automatic reminders to prompt people to sign documents. I know that HelloSign and DocuSign both have the ability to do that. Have heard really good things about both!

@Gabi looking forward to hearing more about the integration into Renti when you visit us on Wednesday! :+1:

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Looking forward to it! :smiley:


First time caller here :grinning:

We have been using Docusign for just over a year and it works a treat!

Once set up it will auto fill templates - pretty much just enter the tenant / owners email / name and hit send.

When everyone has signed Docusign automatically sends everyone a copy and if they dont it keeps reminding them.

We use it for
Tenancy agreements
Bond refunds / lodgements / etc
Lease renewals
Management agreements
Reference request letters

It stops a lot of “human” error

Also we use Trello so all our templates are in one place and also invoice autorising for admin.

We stole all this from attended the LPMA Pmc conference over in Auzzie (we are based in Auckland) and teed up some visits to other Property Management companies.

Happy to show you the system if you are ever up in Aucks.



That’s awesome @Nickpow I’m glad you have had great success in implementing Docusign. I’m also glad you found something that you can rip off from LPMA :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

HI Nick - would love more information on how you use trello… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @rebecca Welcome to forums!! I notice you haven’t done your Business Breakthrough Program survey yet. If you complete this you will get your own Trello board to play with heaps of actions. I’ll send you the link via Forums DM.

Hi Adam, We have done the Business Breakthrough and we have the trello board to work through. I just haven’t done the training on trello to really understand it fully. Only basics :slight_smile:
I also wanted to know how other agents are using for workflows. Eg is it just a place to house the workflows or do you actually use them for each task (if that makes sense)

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My apologise. I did find your report. I will update our system with your results.

Re: Trello, I know of people that us them in both ways. You can either house your P&P guide in them so they act like a checklist or you use them as a workflow tool where you copy a template card and use for each action e.g. maintenance or lease renewals. The second one is very common when systemizing Virtual Assistants.

I’ve been going to do an intro to Trello webinar. I’ll let you know if I do it.

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