#Slack Apps and Channels

(Glenn Lehman) #1

First, I want to thank the community for mentioning slack for internal communications (I have not missed google hangouts at all)

Second, today was the day I decided it was worth paying for … so now I can add unlimited apps, have groups, and somehow connect to external companies.

So, now I am looking for suggestions. What apps and channels do you utilize and why?

(Glenn Lehman) #2

We have already added #HeyTaco, #Zoho CRM, #Asana, #Leo(Officevibebot), #Giphy, #RSS, Google Drive and Calendar.

#Giphy is lots of fun.

#RSS works well to subscribe to items in a training channel.

Currently I am working on connecting Alexa to slack so I can do some vocal slacking

(Adam Hooley) #3

@glenn you can hook your LPMA Strategic Action Plan Trello Board up to a slack channel. It will post as you move cards, add comments and assign tasks to people.

(Ashley Giles) #4

@glenn if you are running G-Suite, then you can add in links for Google Docs. Also, Trello link in is fab! Deffinilty add that one if trello is part of your work flow. If it is not, then you need to talk to @terrihandy and get on that!

Terri has just “Trellofied” our business working in with the VA’s etc, its amazing!

(Terri Handy) #5

:rofl::rofl: I love that, “Trellofied”. I am not sure if that is going to terrify Property Managers or get them excited.

(Glenn Lehman) #6

WE are an Asana shop …

(Glenn Lehman) #7

@terrihandy @adam @ashley.giles We continue to work on the role out of #Slack all seems well.

Somethings we did this week:

  • Added two more admin people

  • Established a rough naming convention to channels

  • Set up groups

  • Notifications on a channel by channel basis

Personally I complete a few more Slack Foundry Items.

I am looking for someone to join me. Slack is currently in beta test of shared channel between workspace. Is anyone out there who would be interested in testing this with me. If I can make it work we will slack then between our maintenance call center and our maintenance coordinator.

(Terri Handy) #8

Happy to try it @glenn. Let me know what you need.

(Ashley Giles) #9

You are not going to do much better than @terrihandy for this Glen, she is a wiz! I am looking forward to hearing how this goes!