Social Media Lead Generation

(Adam Hooley) #1

Does anyone use Facebook or Instagram to generate new business leads? How successful is it for you?

(Ashley Giles) #2

I would love to know the answer for this one… We have been doing social for 8 years, and I cannot quantify what it has actually done for new business. Very keen to hear some ideas and figures on this. I know that the boys from Tommy’s in Wellington are big in this space. I will get them to share their learnings.

(Adam Hooley) #3

I think there are some key points to measure success here. A defined call to action that drives leads to a landing page so that your can measure click through rates and gather lead data for followup campaigns. Without this I’m not sure there is real way of measure the value of the expense or success of the campaigns. I’m keen to hear what others are doing though. Definitely keen to hear from Tommy’s @ashley.giles

(Terri Handy) #4

@ashley.giles I think the guys at Tommys mentioned they were having more success with Linked In, rather than Facebook. I know that they are consistently blogging on a regular basis and credit this to helping build their profile so quickly. I heard somewhere recently that agencies will often find most of their followers on Instagram are other agents - not sure if this is the case or just one person’s experience.

(Ashley Giles) #5

Thanks Terri, yes 30k followers to their blog… interesting re: Linked in, but that does make sense… I know that the advertising component is very good on this format… It was not part of our Marketing Plan, but it is now!

(Colleen Sutherland) #6

I do the blogging but getting it to a point of consistency is key and I struggle with that.

Linked In I clearly haven’t got the hang of yet because it is yet another platform that I seem to see the same stuff they post on FB and insta.

Something’s got to be said for engaging someone to do your marketing on social media.

(Glenn Lehman) #7

We get leads through Facebook all the time. I track the number of people who come to my website also from Facebook. It is currently my 4th highest source.

Type of leads we get:

  • Potential Tenants (lots of these) - We participate and list our properties in Facebook marketplace, share properties to regional for rent communities. I have room for improvement by sharing move in photos

  • Potential Owners - These tend to be people who know me personally and reach out for advise. We also participate actively in investor discussion groups. (Did anyone doubt that I am willing to post online actively?:wink: ) We also use FB to establish some credibility.

  • Vendors - When I need to find a new vendor I just post simply I need a new and everytags everyone they know who can do what I am looking for.

  • Employees - I don’t use FB here (who wants to hire someone who spends there time looking for a job on facebook.

Anyway - I can always use more friends online so feel free to send me a friend request. or check our our business page.

On the other hand we are trying to get an Instagram channel off the ground. I continue to struggle with this.

(Ashley Giles) #8

Glenn, great to see you truly using the platform! I love that your crowdsourcing everything…

Great work, and exciting to see what you are getting through facebook, especially for new potential clients!

Thanks for sharing.

(Adam Hooley) #9

Thank for sharing @glenn You are very active in this space. Have you dabbled at all in Facebook marketing through Facebook Business or are you just proactively managing your page and putting your properties on Market Place?

(Glenn Lehman) #10

We get our properties in market place and market through our business page. We also post information info on our Facebook page to help improve our image as industry experts.

(Ashley Giles) #11

Thanks Glen,

You mentioned in an earlier post about getting “New Doors” or New Management through Facebook, how many per month would you attribute to your social efforts… I would love to know how you cracked this because no matter which way I slice it, personally i have not been able to get social into a lead gen-machine…


(Jeremy Sussex) #12

This is a bit of a wow moment for us… After years of only getting Tennant enquires we finally this week got a new Management enquire. We have followed it all the way through and have secured both her apartments from this lead! So, excited to say it does work…

Interesting that the client is more comfortable communicating and reaching out this way, it shows its a sign of the times that picking up the phone to the agent, and even email is yesterdays news.

We got there with WhatsApp in the end!

(Terri Handy) #13

This is a great story @jeremy Congratulations to the team. Our leads are never going to come from just one place

(Adam Hooley) #14

Awesome @jeremy to see technology working for you in such a powerful way. Thanks for sharing. Have you considered doing any marketing through the Facebook Business Platform?