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Hi all

Online Performance Review Software

I will be implementing a staff performance review process and would like any feedback from anyone currently using an online system. I was going to use Small Improvements but have just realised the minimum spend is $250USD per month ! So I want to check whether anyone else was using an online system they were happy with.

It needs to be able to take on tailored capabilities according to an individuals role, goals and plan recording, feedback, achievements, one on one regular meetings, self assessments etc - all the stuff !

Minimal cost would be good :slight_smile:

Cheers, Tim

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Hey Tim,

LPMA uses Small Improvements, its a great tool but it is pricy i know.

At Wendell’s we implemented PeopleHR which is a UK based tool, it still allows for 360deg feedback, development plans, individual log ins etc. Its a bit more HR focused than Small Improvements (which is good as you can upload contracts JD’s etc)

Pricing is around 4-6 pound per month per employee with no minimum spends which is good as Small Improvements has a minimum cost of $200 I think.

hope it helps.

@terrihandy have you had any experience with anything else?


Hello, sorry just saw this. We use getlighthouse, much cheaper and great for our team, we have 16.

Hi Ash

No, not much experience with anything else that stands out. I like the look of Sarah’s suggestion and have signed up for the free trial to check it out. It appears quite simple to use and has features around reminding team members what they have agreed to do, etc which might be the type of thing someone is looking for, rather than the whole HR thing. Also, the cost is significantly cheaper than many of the other products. I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks @sarah and does it do 360 deg reviews?