Staff Security when out of office

We’ve recently brought on an inspection manager and during general discussions her safety and security came up. While PMs have been attending homes for years without concern we want to ensure our staffs safety is addressed.

We are looking into personal security devices (not the emergency function on a cellphone) something additional like an ID tag or bracelet.

Am currently researching *safelet but interested to know if anyone has a system or a device they currently use


@Cherie I’m not familiar with personal security devices however there some mechanical systems that might help reduce the risk.

Ensuring inspections are marked in a visible calendar so that the expected route and time of return is known. The team member needs to check it when they have completed each batch. e.g. if they are doing a full day they may have 4 batches.

Having them use a company device with ‘Find my phone’ activated so they can be tracked from the office

Empowering them not to enter a property if they feel intimidated or hesitant. They can go back later with a colleague.


We use the Get Home Safe Ap - it is still on the cellphone or device being used to carry out the inspection . Staff activate it when they leave the office and put in an ETA - they can then drop a pin from house to house if they wish. It also has a panic button. We can log in on the computer and see where they are at.


Property me also has a duress button on the app - you press and hold for 3 seconds and it alerts anyone in the office to the issue.


Thanks everyone - we chose to go with a device/bracelet called Safelet. We wanted something that wasn’t used on a phone given that in some situations the phone may not be available.

Recommend looking into if you’re after additional security. Its just a bracelet and hooked to an emergency contact and the user can trigger an alarm. Just looks like a fitbit so very inconspicuous


Wow! Very cool. Might have to get this.

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Some good food for thought there Adam. I am currently looking at how to better ensure the safety of our PMs and our BDM, all of whom roam around the countryside doing inspections etc.

How does using devices such as “Find My Phone” etc, stack up against the legal side of the house?? (EG: privacy and the like)

Regards Russ


Hey Russell, we considered Find My iPhone but thouight it was too intrusive (unless you could find a way of easily switching it off outside of work hours) and staff werent keen on it.

We just had our first Safelet delivered and is being used by our Inspections Agent. So far so good? @Cherie


We also use the calendar for all out of office appointments, and have GPS trackers on our fleet cars.