Standing apart from your comptetitors

Just marketing yourself as a property management business isn’t enough these days. The market place is very competitive and we need to stand out from our competitors. We need to do two things; Define what makes us different from our competitors, our Point of Difference, and how do we systemise and report this to ensure we can consistently deliver it to customers.

An idea here could be that you ‘maximise your clients return on investment’ through annual rent reviews, property valuations, stringent tenant screening and minimised vacancy rates. Now some of you may be saying to yourselves, we already doing this, it’s not a ‘Point of Difference’. I would argue, that many businesses say they do these, but don’t actually deliver this consistently to their clients. I would also argue that the business that are doing this well, are not leveraging this asset and sharing it with their clients to add value to their service and stand apart from their competitors.

What are you doing well in your business that makes you stand apart from your competitors, and how do you use this to drive new business leads?