Staying focused each quarter

(Ashley Giles) #1

So you’ve got your goals for 2019 but how do you then set about implementing them?

  • Which goals do you tackle first?

  • How do you prioritise?

  • How do you keep track of progress?

I have mentioned this before but with Wendell property we set OKR’s, its a framework that LPMA use all of the time, and a very powerful tool.

It is about holding a candle to all of the work that “we should do” but never get to because of the daily distractions. Wendell’s hold a meeting each fortnight to see how the OKR’s have progressed. We divide them up between all of the team leaders, business owners and General Manager so that the work load is not all on one person.

We track their progress, and then report on if we are “Ahead or Behind” of our schedule to complete them. We have found choose no more than 9, and work by quarter not any longer or shorter works best.

Who else has a good way of managing this in your business? Please share your thoughts, or ideas. If anyone would like more info on OKR’s let @rikki or myself know.


(Adam Hooley) #2

Do you run accountability days where each of you shares what you wanted to achieve this month but didn’t, why you didn’t and what you are going to do about it next month to make sure if happens? This is a great way for individuals and teams to connect with each and hold each other accountable. It can be a very confronting process which is why I think it works so well.

(Ashley Giles) #3

@adam I love this! No, have never used it before… What a great idea!

Do you do this with PM’s, or just on a senior level?

(Adam Hooley) #4

@ashley. I also do it with PM’s. It is voluntary so it isn’t set up to ‘out’ people for not performing. The team choose their own issued to address. There may have been something on their to-do list they just didn’t get to. By being open about it in front of colleagues it keeps them accountable to make it happen.

(Michelle Kathopoulis) #5

OMG I love this idea! I am the Queen of Action and Results and yet embarrassingly enough, I a few items have sat on my Management Meeting Agenda for a year and i haven’t progressed! I can tell myself that we get plenty done and while that may be true, updating our marketing prospectus is a big priority for me and I dont get around to it :frowning:

What are OKRs? The monthly meeting idea would also assist with the management team being involved and accountable and to share the responsibility. I am really liking this and would love some more information.

Thank you :slight_smile:

(Adam Hooley) #6

@michelle1 An OKR is Objective & Key Result. You may have a target or task set to achieve and may also have KPI’s attached to the target.