Staying on top of your business during Covid-19

We are in the process of producing a number of short videos that are directed at answering member questions on how processes may change with Covid-19.

With the expected spike in rent arrears due to the impacts on our retail industry, the first one is on managing rent arrears.

Managing Rent Arrears (Covid-19)

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COVID-19 Update - Daily Leadership Meeting 11am (M-F) AEST

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Thanks @adam a great webinar. Echoing what Adam has already said, this is a great free resource / arctile by Hamish Turner here in NZ.

We also hope to have some templates up here ASAP for you to use in your business immediately as this will become a bigger issue as the pandemic continues to cripple economies.

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Tenant - Struggling to pay rent - Template (NZ).docx (77.8 KB)

An example of the tenant letter for tenants who make contact (prior to going into arrears) saying they will be struggling to cover rent. (At Wendells we have already had many of these) please feel free to take from it what you can from your business.

Thanks all.

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COVID-19 Update March 22 - Tenant Debt and Social Distancing

Also don’t forget we have our Daily Leadership Meeting at 11am (AEST)

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With the Social Distancing guidelines required for Covid-19 we need to find different ways of doing things. Leasing inspections is one of these things. I have some suggestions in this short video.

The new challenge is how do we continue to show value to our customer while keeping out team and tenants safe. I have some suggestion on conducting Routine Inspections.

We are all devising ways to set our teams up to work from home. There are various problems that come from doing this with isolation being the biggest impact. I have been working from home for many years. Here are some suggestions to maintain communication and productivity while your team are working from home.

We should be proactively communicating with our landlords around our strategy to minimize their risk during the Covid-19 Epidemic. They will be feeling as anxious as we are around the uncertainty that faces investors going forward,