Taking care of Tradespeople

Coming to that time of year to say thank you. What are your best gifts for tradesman?

Anything anyone is doing to take the very best care of them?


Hi Natalie,

We held a Melbourne Cup party at our office. Invited our core trades and a select group of owners along.

Most years we do an event for each but combined it this year and did it early November to make it as accessible for as many as possible.

Was a great event and went down well.



We just had our annual Christmas breakfast barbeque this morning for our tradespeople. We had a great turnout, some bacon and egg butties, coffee and a yarn, and earned some brownie points ahead of the holidays too!


We held a beer and pizza evening in October as an annual Thank You to tradies. They all seem so busy at Christmas so we chose a quieter time of year. They all loved it.

In previous years we have done a Tradie Smoko Shout with bacon / sausage butties , tea / coffee and biccies. They loved that too.

We top it off with a bottle of wine or big tin of chocolates at Christmas. Got to keep the tradies happy as we couldn’t do our job without them!


Hi Natalie,
We do a investor/drinks afternoon with some speakers around investor information and knowledge growth and at Christmas time we will do a small gift for the trades that we use the most and that really look after us and our landlords. Referrals do come through from this.