With the growth of our portfolio which has also means a larger team… I looking at options to delegate tasks to team members and keep them on track for completion.
We currently use outlook tasks - when tasks are delegated and followed up daily at our morning meetings
we use trello for all our checklist - which is also a source of work flow - and tasks are delegated through our checklists through outlook tasks.
having four offices to keep on track of I am finding it cumbersome and time consuming
I have been looking at Monday or platforms similar to this. would love some feedback and ideas


@lyn.perksI think it is awesome that you are managing your tasks this way. I’m not sure changing task management platforms is the answer to your problem. Working out a way to attach KPI’s to your tasks would help manage work. e.g. Tasks overdue, task > 14 days overdue > tasks greater than 30 days overdue. This means you don’t have to focus on the throughput, just work that is overdue.

I used to always say to my team, “I’m not concerned with what you’re doing, I’m concerned with what you’re not doing” :slight_smile:

Hi Lyn

We are on PropertyMe which has a task feature which is easily assigned to a team member - and the tasks sit on the dashboard until they are done

Thinking your Property Management software should also have this feature