Tenant Superannuation (Covid-19)

TENANT SUPERANNUATION: I wouldn’t normally publish anything not from an unofficial website but this feels like something we should tread carefully on.


The corporate watchdog has intervened to stop real estate agents advising tenants struggling to pay rent to withdraw money from their superannuation, warning that those who do so could face hefty fines and jail time for unlicensed financial advice against people’s best interests.

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It’s funny how they say this when we were only following from the Gov websites about what they could/should do and one of them was super. Surely asking if they were eligible to draw down on their super is not considered financial advice.

On another note I see a lot of sales people including financial advice when purchasing an investment property. It is often I see this and yet ASIC has never stepped in. Do they only see what they want to see and get on the band wagon