The little tech with big impacts - Online Applications

The current COVID crisis is driving many businesses to optimise their processes to become more work from home friendly or with the huge uptake in Virtual Assistants, allow work to be done externally. A conversation with an office yesterday made me understand that there are some basic tech products that have a big impact on your business. In Australia, on such piece of tech is 1 From online tenant applications. Many business don’t realise the power of 1Form. it’s not just a place where tenants submit their application. The platform was built for property managers and allows you to process an application within minutes.

It got me thinking, I’m sure there are other simple pieces of tech that have a big impact. Has anyone got any suggestions?

For me it’s got to be Inspection Express. The ability to have digital Entry Condition reports that make tenants take a photograph of an issue has made a real difference. It is also all automated so there’s no diary notes to make sure that the reports are returned on time.

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This is awesome @rebecca It seems Inspection Express has slipped passed my radar. I’ll go and have a look at it. What an awesome tool!