Welcome to this weeks newest members!


(Ashley Giles) #1

As an online community we are growing every day! I would like to welcome our new members from this past week, and invite you to tell us a bit about yourself and your business if you will share with us.

So, welcome @tiffany.wong @nardia @leasing (Sakashi) @dianen @admin1 (Jess) @paul.koulizakis @pm6 (Amanda) @natalie.cahill @tom @lilly @maria.milillo @virginia_sier @ash @info2 (Margo) @amanda

Great to see a few New Zealanders in the mix, and wonderful speakers and presenters like Ash Marton join our community.

I would love to hear a little about each of you, feel free to post anywhere you like, or in the introduction section. Remember, simply “reply” to a comment, post of thread, or start a new post with the green button on the top and you’re in the draw to WIN 2 free tickets to LPMA19 at the Star Casino.

See you all in the forums!