What do you do to welcome your team back from the holidays?

If you are like our office, about 1/2 of the team got a good break over the holidays, and the other slaved their guts out in the office keeping the wheels turning!

We just had our first meeting back as a whole team and decided to do a little thank you to those who stayed on and covered the business while the rest of us were at the beach (don’t worry, those that did work through are going on Holiday this week!)

We did up a thank you pack of movie tickets, a bottle of wine and card from everyone!

Its been slow-moving to get back up to operational speed for the team who went away on holiday, so to help move things back into normalcy were looking at ways we can get energy back into the team and office…

Does anyone do this successfully? love to hear some ideas…


I really like that you have a focus on getting back up to speed. I know it is common for team to struggle into the new year. I do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was me that worked through the holiday season albeit unplanned. Being the boss it seems to be expected and there is no thanks … like, ever!

It’s my first official day back and I have a staff meeting this morning. Maybe I’ll suggest they buy me a movie ticket and a CARTON of wine!


Great work @Colleen for holding down the fort. Let us know how you go with that suggestion for the team to shower you in gifts :rofl:

Really like this idea, thank you for giving us something to think about. While we have been slammed since opening for the new year, it is timely reminder to thank those who have covered for rest of the team. I’m on it! :slight_smile:


We took our team for a pre-work breakfast in a favorite local cafe early in the first week all our team were back on board, a great time to catch up on everyone’s holiday news. We have had a touch of the back to work blues so we’ve been adding annual leave to the new 2020 wall planner for a visual reminder of the next holiday break!


That is very clever @julie, a chance for everyone to connect before they hit the office, giving the opportunity for a mental separation between work and friendship. It’s also a lovely touch for the team, says your interested (Which I know you and your team genuinely are!) Great idea, and thank you for sharing! I am steeling this next year… :slight_smile:

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