What is the most import thing you have to finish by next Friday?

(Glenn Lehman) #1

Sometimes I need to make a public statement what I am need to do to help hold myself accountable. So, I figured I would make a thread so I can post that one thing I really need to get done by next Friday.

To be clear i am not talking about the simple things like going to the gym 3 times, or making it home for dinner. I am stalking about that item you promised yourself last week it would be done by this Friday. At the end of the day Friday you are thinking well I am going to move this goal another week.

So why would I post or encourage you to post this:

  1. Writing it down makes it real to me.
  2. Writing it down makes me have a specific SMART goal.
  3. I am acknowledging to myself that I did not make my goal this week. (So much different then changing deadlines so I don’t feel like I missed)
  4. Someone might say why would you want to do that?
  5. Someone might say I have done that before and here is how I did it.
  6. Someone might say Stick to it you can do it. (Why do i have a vision of Thomas the Tank?)

Okay time to get focused and get things done.

(Glenn Lehman) #2

Changing how we track lease renewals

We have for years tracked lease renewals on a google sheet. This sheet has columns for every letter sent to hold the date, every inspect, every signature, every other thing we have added over time. I created the sheet because I needed a way to track 5 steps in the renewal process to ensure we were not missing anything.

This sheet has become a Monster as we added both rows and columns. It has made the lease renewal process tracking process cumbersome and the tracking has become more important then the actual renewals. So we now accurately track our failure to get signed renewals. :thinking:

So recently I discovered we could track these items in a much more automated fashion through our PM software. This feature has always been there I just missed using it for something like this. So after a few discussion with the parties involved we have buy in to make the change. :clap::clap::clap::clap:

That was 4 weeks ago. Nothing has changed. Great new plan every week I am going to get the conversion started. Every week something gets in the way. So here we go:

By Friday Jan 18th I will ensure that Lehman Property Management has finished the conversion of lease renewal tracking. This will be measurable by the archive of the lease renewal tracking sheet on Jan 19th.

Now I have to get to work!

(Colleen Sutherland) #3

Mine was to make sure my desk was clear of paperwork so I could start this week fresh. Didn’t happen and now I am google ‘paperwork fairies’.

My real one for this week is to list all the jobs I will do for the rest of the month and delegate the rest.

Wish me luck!

(Adam Hooley) #4

I’m creating a new Facebook carousel marketing funnel and need to write the Blogs and set up the call-to-actions. I’m keen to have this live by Friday

Facebook carousel marketing funnel
(Jodie Stainton) #5

Love this @glenn. I will have our trails finished for Autopilot. I have done a few sets but not all - want all of them done! Driving me crazy and it’s my own fault!! LOL

(Glenn Lehman) #6

how did you do with you project?

(Glenn Lehman) #7

Well did you get this all done?

(Glenn Lehman) #8

@Colleen can you send a picture of that clean desk?

(Glenn Lehman) #9

So how did I do quote from me:


We create about 40% of the recurring task we need to have done. Okay, I missed this goal (although by posting here I made it 40% further then I did the week before).

Recovery plan:

I have someone working on this during a 3 day weekend, So it can be verified as complete on Monday.

What went wrong:

Insufficient resources were set on this task for Monday and Tuesday (I forgot the section supervisor was on vacation on Monday and Tuesday)

(Terri Handy) #10

Good job on that 40% @glenn

What I particularly like is your analysis of why you didn’t achieve 100% and then most importantly, the Recovery Plan.

(Adam Hooley) #11

@glenn I did get the blogs written however I started a different Facebook campaign last week. So basically I did the work for the campaign I mentioned however started a different campaign. Thanks for following up and keeping me accountable :slight_smile:

(Jodie Stainton) #12

No and I’m still annoyed at myself!! :frowning:

(Glenn Lehman) #13

Can I offer a suggestion.

Two options:

  • Decide it is important, make a plan, follow plan.

  • Decide it is not critical, put it on the shelf for 3 months and then check again. (I do this great ideas number 2 through infinity)

Either plan should help you be less annoyed with yourself. Best of luck :grinning:

(Colleen Sutherland) #14

Soon as I do the big swoosh onto the floor! Hahaha