What is your Tip!?

(Shadi Salehpour ) #1

What is number one thing you do that helps you have a better organised day. Better time management and better sense of productivity?

For me, I spend 10-20 minutes today and use it to organise my day tomorrow. This includes a list of things that were not completed today, organising keys for inspections and viewings, and I write down names of clients and or property issues that I need to deal with. So, spending this 10-20 minutes means, I have gained hours for the next day. One of the bigger benefits of this is also it helps me to completely switch off after 5 pm.

(Adam Hooley) #2

Hi @Shadi that’s a great tip. I make sure every task is loaded in the Property Management System as an action or task. I can snooze these for action in the future or when need be. Kinda like a workflow tool. This gives the same comfort as you. I know I have attended to every task before I go home and don’t wake up at 2am freaking out that I forgot something :slight_smile:

(Glenn Lehman) #3

Once a day I place this sign on my door:

I turn off my phone, pause my email inbox, take off my watch (it has email notifications) and mute all computer notifications. Every person in my office know that nothing short of an emergency they cannot handle (my family on the way to ER, fire in our office, or a violent tenant in the lobby) do not open the door.

During a period of 45 to 60 minutes I work on something I need to finish that requires focus. During this time I can focus and knock out what I can normally do in 3 hours. I try and schedule this for the most productive time of the day for me which is normally sometime between 7 - 9 AM or after 9:00 PM if I had a nap. (I am not sending a picture of the couch in my office). I I am exhausted though when I get to this point I might consider sleep an option, so I can then refocus.

(Shadi Salehpour ) #4

That is awesome!! it helps lots when you have a list. And i love the feeling of ticking things off.

I am Still old fashioned and use an A4 diary that sits on my desk! i can scribble on it too, and if property management doesn’t work out - one day I could be a famous scribble artist.

(Adam Hooley) #5

@Shadi ha ha old habits die hard, don’t they. It doesn’t matter what the system is, as long as it works for you :slight_smile:

(Shadi Salehpour ) #6

That is actually very good! I do though want to see picture of the couch now that you mention it.

(Glenn Lehman) #7

I get old calendars and keep a stack turn them upside down on my desk and write on the back. Most of the companies who bring me one every year have 5 left over from the prior year.

(Terri Handy) #8

Hi @Shadi

I love using Trello to keep me on track and organised. I am also really very particular about my calendar and a fan of the old ideal week. This is a good tool to show how much time we actually have available.

The Pomodoro Technique also works well for me, particularly for larger projects.

I like Glenn’s idea of taking “protected” time to focus on what is important without interruptions.

(Glenn Lehman) #9

I made you a sign. Sorry for the English reference, but they do have the most famous time piece I could thing of.
Protected Time.pdf (65.7 KB)

And of absolutley no use here is my favorite song about English Kights: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAUkAMJBBZs](http://Knights of the round table)

(Terri Handy) #10

So funny @glenn My first laugh for the day - much appreciated :rofl::rofl:

(Ashley Giles) #11

I Love the signs for the doors…

When my wife was back running the business post our twins, she had this sign…


I still use it from time to time in my own office just to freak the staff out… Effective though, they leave you alone! :rofl:

(Shadi Salehpour ) #12

OMG! funny! now days you don’t know who could be pumping!!! gender fluid and all…and pc world.