Where to Start in Tech Introductions & Upgrades

(Colleen Sutherland) #1

I was at the Round Table event yesterday which, by the way, I was so pleased I made it down.

I tend to get overwhelmed with direction like, I need another staff member but there is so much talk of VA’s but I think I need another physical body in the office.

I need to go over to cloud-based software but who to chose.

I am small business but struggle greatly with the fees attached to all these programs.

Zoom. Trello. Slack. etc etc. Are these for the bigger offices that need to communicate more with each other?

Do I have too many questions in the one pose?

FYI Sarah Martin was excellent in her presentation of all the programs she uses.

(Terri Handy) #2

Hi @Colleen I agree, it was definitely worthwhile making the trip from Queensland to the Round Table. What an amazing location as well.

I think you could certainly benefit from some of these technologies. The ones Sarah was referring to could easily be implemented in a business your size.

With your question about a VA, why do you think you need a physical body in the office? What sort of tasks would you be getting them to do? Quite often, if we can remove the admin tasks from the rest of the team, they have more capacity to be out and about.

I have an example of an office where the PM’s are able to comfortably manage around 30% more properties in their portfolio (including leasing) after the introduction of a VA and some of these technologies. This office shares 1 VA for 600 properties (no trust accounting) and there is capacity. The level of service they provide is pretty exceptional as well and nobody is having to stay back after hours.

I am happy to have a chat about this if you would like. We could always have a Zoom meeting :joy: Alternatively, if you are coming along to PMC, we could have a coffee and chat.

Also, once you get started in one thing, it becomes much easier to implement other changes. How about starting with something simple like #slack. This is just a small change in how you communicate within the team. Once this is ticking along nicely, maybe look at how the work flows within the office and perhaps introduce a product like Trello.

(Ashley Giles) #3

It is always a difficult one on where to start. @terrihandy mentioned some great ideas above… From Sarah’s talk, we implemented several things into Wendell’s.

We started with Slack, as I immediately wanted to get them out of the habbit of emailing each other! This might not be as reliant for you, but if it is… its a great tool. Also, I recommend doing “Hay Tacco” add on, its also free and you can create goals for the taccos like… Wine… Wine… and well you know were I’m going with this! :slight_smile:

If thats not for you, then Trello would be amazing for you and your personality! heheh… my wife Natalie loves this, its such a step up from the tools were using through microsoft… Give it a go!

(Colleen Sutherland) #4

I will definitely look into it more when I get time. It’s just a little overwhelming

Anyone know where I can buy time from? :wink: