Where to Start in Tech Introductions & Upgrades

(Glenn Lehman) #21

Oh by the way on full disclosure this is where we are with officeVibe. (For anyone interested in looking)

Officevibe - Results as of 120920108.pdf (151.3 KB)

(Ashley Giles) #22

Love it @glenn, your very inline with other offices over here. I have attached my company one for Wendell Property in NZ. We are good in most places, but always struggle with Stress & Wellness. This is quite consistant with the other agencies I talk to.

@phil you guys have made some good progress on this front also?

Officevibe.pdf (179.9 KB)

(Glenn Lehman) #23

I got an award today:


I am moving up in the world of property management!! All thanks to my new friends at LPMA!

(Adam Hooley) #24

Ha ha awesome @glenn there will be many more to come :slight_smile:

(Glenn Lehman) #25

@adam my office seems to be having fun.

(Rikki Sambrooks) #26

It’s such an easy feel good feature, once you get the hang of it, you can’t help but want to give away your daily tacos!

(Adam Hooley) #27

I was always a tight one with mine. You had to earn your Taco’s :stuck_out_tongue:

(Rikki Sambrooks) #28

Haha that’s not like you @adam - you’re usually the definition of graciousness!

(Ashley Giles) #29

At Wendell’s I just got my 67 year old Mother and Law (also the business founder) onto Tacco’s she is loving it… Today, she gave out tacco’s for someone making her a coffee in the office, and someone with a smily voice on the reception phone… I love how this is so workable for all parts of the team culture!

(Ben White) #30

Thanks for sharing your officevibe score. It’s really interesting and great for everyone to be able to see.
We had a few persistently low scores over a few areas over the past year. We have worked a lot on feedback and that is starting to move in the right direction (from 5.9 to 7.0), and that has been moving the overall satisfaction up too.
The areas that we are now targeting is ‘personal growth’ which we can do better in (stable at 7.3). The idea is for each person in team to develop career development plans and then try to match that with formal training, mentorship and new opportunities in the business to get involved in. Early days on that and has not made an impact.
“Wellness” is our lowest score, and that is in turn made up of our 2 lowest sub-scores: stress and personal health. I am not really convinced with the idea that focusing on ‘personal health’ is really something we should be doing as a relatively small business. I understand if you are a big corporate that you can work on that kind of thing, but don’t see how encouraging people to eat better is an area we should focus on. Anyway, my only real issue with the scores.
The other thing we are doing more of is looking at the scores for each of our teams. We have created teams with at least 7 people in each, so that we preserve anonymity. That tells an interesting story, although we haven’t yet worked out what accounts for the differences between teams.
Thanks again for sharing. Would love to hear how it goes.

(Rikki Sambrooks) #31

I would argue that you do promote and encourage our team to eat better @ben - you guys put on team lunches every Wednesday and Friday. Whilst some of those lunches may not necessarily hit your daily recommended vegetable intake :sweat_smile: they certainly encourage the team to stop, take a break, ensure they’re getting in at least one decent meal for the day and to spend some time together with their colleagues - what a great way to destress and re-energise for the day! :taco::taco:

(Ashley Giles) #32

I agree @ben, whenever I am in our LPMA office there is fresh frut, an unlimited supply of green tea and as leaders you all set a good example for us!

@glenn it’s very interesting to see the similarities between our business (Wendell Property in Auckland) and yours in terms of scores. It seams that Property management is aligned in lots of ways, regardless of the geography.

Thanks for sharing, and do keep us posted how things go!

(Glenn Lehman) #33

I believe we work in a high stress industry, but could do a few things to help lighten the load. We offer a rebate for gym memberships, next year we are going to add 8 hours paid volunteer time, and our encouraging group meditation (once i figure out how).

I have considered the idea of having fresh fruit delivered to the office.

Oh and we are working on a reorganization and clarification of responsibilities so people can feel like they did the job when they go home.

(Adam Hooley) #34

@glenn in our culture, Indoor cricket and Nerf guns were acceptable behaviours to break the tension during the day. Nothing distracts the day-to-day like a Nerf bullet to the back of the head!! We also did boot camp once a week as a team. Similar to your idea of meditation.

(Marine Funfrock) #35

That’s awesome! Back in the accounting firm I worked for we had “Bravos” of a value from 25 to 50$ to shout out people. All the team could participate and when this was validated by a manager, the person would receive the Bravo (prezzy card) which would be also mentioned in the performance review software as a feedback earned.

We would also set up quarterly goals as a team: some would be lead by the business and related to risk and workflow for instance and we had others that we would set up such as knowledge, business development ect. at the end of the quarter, these would be reviewed and if the goals had been met we would receive $100 per person to splurge on a team building activity and food. if we did not make all of the goals, we would still receive $50 per person. I liked the fact that you actually had to demonstrate that you earned this to actually get some well deserved time off :slight_smile:

The other thing I wanted to mention is did you get someone to review the fringe benefit tax/PAYE impact of this scheme? yeah I know tax is ruining the fun but I’ve been involved in enough tax audits to know that it’s a big enough risk to make sure that you are always under the limitations.

Going to have a look at Slack and Hay Tacco now. We already have office vibe and it’s been interesting in terms of answers and feedback.

Looking forward to the New Year with all these things!

(Glenn Lehman) #36

Roll out is going well. Happy to report about an 85% participation and acceptance level.

Somethings we have had to discuss: Make sure you reply in channel and two a thread. The difference between Random and general. When to use general or when to use direct messages.

Huge positive: People are making separate threads for some of our processes. (Movein, moveout)

We love Tacos … It is funny I thought the main benefit would be to the people who received them. To the contrary I think we are becoming better people by finding good things to say about our coworkers. So the giver benefits much more.

(Marine Funfrock) #37

I love your feedback about Taccos! So positive!

I always thought that there’s so much more one can do for retention of good people than increasing the pay! being able to have a positive impact on co-workers is definitely one of the key point to it!

(Terri Handy) #38

That is great to hear @glenn You are definitely an Implementer (my favourite kind of people). I love that you recognise the benefits to the person who is allocating Tacos as well. Increasing our awareness around Gratitude and Appreciation is so important. Good on you :taco::taco:

(Glenn Lehman) #39

We just added SocialIntents to our website and can now chat with people on our website directly from #Slack. Then via Slack we can add directly into our CRM system (As soon as I get it connected)

(Glenn Lehman) #40

OfficeVibe results are in!

Suggestions at this point?

I am reviewing with my team on Monday OfficeVibe - The results.pdf (1010.2 KB)

From the first week: Officevibe - Results as of 120920108.pdf (151.3 KB)