Where to Start in Tech Introductions & Upgrades

(Ashley Giles) #41

Well done @glenn for getting this up… And overall its a good score, 7.3/10 is impressive. Our business goal at Wendell Property is to stay above 8.5, were sitting about 8.2 at the moment.

Your NPS employee score is a bit low, but it was the same for us at the begning, this changed over time I think it could be to do with the questioning…

What is your engagment? Do you have 100% of staff using it? And are you looking at all of the responces and responding to each?

Before you sit down with the team, I have our GM make a point of replying to every comment (which everyone has to make) even if it is just a “Thank you for the feedback” it shows that your looking at it which makes a big difference.

The areas you are lowest is the same as most offices I see, wellness, Health & Balance. After-all, it is a stressful job mainly in front of the computer or in the car, its hard to do turn that on its head. However, there is alot you can do within this.

For example, we have fresh fruit delivered twice a week to the office. We have our Receptionist make up a “Brain Food Smoothie” and send around the office for our “Lock In days”. We pay for yoga classes for the team once a month (on our time and on our dime) and every staff member leaves early or comes in late once a week after the gym / some sort of exersize.

Some business don’t feel this is our responsibility, and its probably is not but it goes a long way to the culture of the business. If we go out of our way to find things that are helping them be healthy and happy we have less sick days, and it shows that as a business’s we should go out of our way for our clients. Its all about the message your sending.

With them on Monday, let them lead the conversation and find out where they think the results should be, and get them to give some ideas on what is needed to get them there.

Hope this helps, have a good weekend!

(Glenn Lehman) #42

I personally answer every feedback item.