Who is Michael Yardney

Every day since joining LPMA i have gotten an email from Michael Yardney. At first it looked informative, now I feel like I have more reading to do then I could possibly ever read.

Is this information vital. Should I set time aside to read it?

How did he get my email … just curious.

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Hey @glenn - not too sure how Michael got your details but he is not associated with LPMA in anyway. If you’re not finding the information relevant, and it’s not of any real use to you and your business then I would go ahead an unsubscribe.

thanks … appreciate that … clicking unsubscribe.

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I had the same problem @glenn I started getting spammed and though it was useful information until it was coming faster than I could read it :thinking:

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I even sent him an email that said … hey slow down I am drowning.