Badges and scounting

Okay maybe it is just me. maybe it was my time in scouting, but when there are badges I feel like I have to earn them. I am confused today about two of them.

The autobiographer

I cannot figure out what else to add to my Bio to achieve this. Interestingly only the chatbot has it one and Mr. Chat Bot does even have a profile.

The other is certified

I tried to get help from Mr. Bot but he did not comply.

Finally there is a badge for flagging a post. The only way I can figure out how to get that one is someone could respond some way outside of the terms of service. Since I don’t think that is going to happen I will just flag this post. Hopefully I don’t get kicked out for earning my badge.


@glenn it sounds like you have been having fun with Bot over the break :slight_smile:

I still have two badges I cannot get to come on. I think my profile is complete and the Bot for initial training seemed to just stop along the way.