Benchmarking PM pay

Hi everybody

We are keen to benchmark pay for our PMs against others in the industry, to see where we stand and make sure we are paying fairly.

I realise there is some shyness and confidentiality around this topic, so perhaps if you’d like to discuss privately you could email me at and I can share our remuneration set up and discuss yours also.

Alternatively @adamhooley do you have some stats on PM pay in NZ?

Thanks LPMA community!!


Hi @oliver, I don’t have any data specific to an individual property manager salary. It has always been a difficult one to benchmark given the variance in location, skill, experience and efficiency of each team member.


It’s a tricky one and we have had similar issues trying to establish what is a fair salary in our area. As Adam mentioned, there are so many variables with the region being one. We recently ran the numbers using Adam’s webinar for our team and it proved to be a good fit, our salaries were sitting about right according to the process. Would certainly be worth a watch…


I did a SEEK search and took an average for the area and coupled this with the training that Adam has presented to come up with appropriate wage levels


Here is the webinar of Adam discussing Salaries, Commissions, and Bonus Structure. In case you may want to view it, you may click here.