Celebrate the "Wins" in this difficult time (COVID-19)

I think it is important that as a team, and as an industry we continue to “Celebrate the Wins” in this turbulent environment.

One of our PM’s went above and beyond for both tenant owner today and with only 32 hours until the cut off has got tenants into a home that would have otherwise sat empty for 4 weeks, and tenants who would have been stuck at hotels!

"It’s frantic as we try to get as many people into properties before the Wednesday cut off (still low contact though - promise!). Stranded in NZ, travel plans curtailed, these tenants reached out today wanting to view a house, they watched our virtual tour, signed agreement, entry inspection tomorrow morning then they move their things in! Took a massive effort - thank you guys for working late to help this family. :heart: [#wendellproperty]

Well done @natalie and the team, great result and wonderful to be reminded that we are here for the clients, and oftern in the hardest of times we can do our best work!