Celebrating a win

(Jane Bennett ) #1

Hi, this is my first post and one I’m pretty stoked about, my most recent win in Tenancy Tribunal:

(Terri Handy) #2

Wow, that is an interesting case. Thank you for sharing @jane Airbnb is a pretty hot topic in some parts of Australia as well.

As an agency, do you have any properties that you manage for the owner as an Airbnb property?

I know of an agency in Queensland that does it really well and it has become quite profitable for them.

Congratulations on your first post too :grin:

(Ashley Giles) #3

Hi Jane,

Welcome to the forums, thank you for sharing your experience!

It is a very hot topic, and great to see “Common Sense” prevail in this instance.


(Colleen Sutherland) #4

Great win Jane. Congratulations