chatGPT and the robotic uprising

Wondering if anyone has had a play around with chatGPT and found ways to use it to save time and improve effiiciencies and customer service?

So far we’ve had it write and publish blog articles and used it to convert a boring bullet point list of property features into a nicely written paragraph or two to use in our ads/listings.

Anyone else using it for other stuff?

What roles in the PM industry might become redundant in years to come as AI like chatGPT improves? (You can already ask it RTA questions and get a response…)


Hey Oliver great topic.
I’ve been playing with it but nothing too serious for me so far.
A couple of examples

  • Written a seek ad
  • Created personalised congratulations email
  • Created personalised unsuccessful emails
  • Created a rental market update on behalf of our new business person for our quarterly market report.
  • Grammar checked some documents.
  • Played with some blog content.

Where I think Chat GPT will build momentum will be in its integration with existing automation software which it sound like zappier is leading the way on this front.

Will Chat GPT make some manual tasks redundant in the industry 100% it will just like the tractor did for farmers……How many farms these days don’t use tractors?


Thanks for sharing Dan & Oliver. We have not explored chat GPT but sounds like its worth looking in to!


We have also been playing with chatGPT and using it to create blog articles and re-creating some content for tenant on-boarding and general items that need a re-fresh upgrade. Just that alone saves time that you would normally spend on it yourself.