Console Users - Scan Assist?

This one is for the Console users.

Is anyone using Viatek’s Scan Assist service?

I have been using it for several years now and the service contract has come up for renewal.

I would really like to compare notes and discuss alternatives before re-committing.

Hi @adam.bettison

I dont’ use Console sorry, so I cannot help. However, we have found that there are some great and affordable options on the market for Palace the software we use.

A lot of the new cloud based software providers also have this built in now. Are you fully paperless with this service?

Thanks for your reply.

Scan Assist is Console’s in-house solution recommended to its clients for processing high volumes of invoices.

It is not really paperless.

We scan the invoices, then manually check and monitor them within Scan Assist.

It is faster than full manual entry, but still a bit cumbersome, and expensive to license.