Covid Vaccine Questions

Possibly a bit of a controversial topic however interested to see what peoples thoughts are for the industry and businesses going forward surrounding vaccinations.

In NZ we are currently not under any mandate for the vaccine to be compulsory, nor is the business I work for enforcing staff to be immunized however interested to see what others stance is on this.

I’m expecting there is going to come a time when tenants will be asking if our Property managers, maintenance team and inspection agents are immunized before they attend their home. Not quite sure how we’re going to handle that. Personally I’m pro vaccine but am of the opinion it’s very much a persons own choice.

Example - the owner wants work done but my sparky isn’t immunized - tenant won’t allow them in… what happens in this situation. Can the tenant (under human rights) deny them access. I would think it’s a form of discrimination but given it’s a current pandemic and rife in the media I’m not sure how it would play out.

Keen to hear your thoughts or predictions around this :slight_smile:

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Oh I’m sure there are going to be those “difficult” people that are going to use this as an excuse, but we deal with that all of the time don’t we :slight_smile:
It will be an interesting space for sure!

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