Disorganisation Working From Home

Ok. I’ll put my hand up. I’m struggling to be as productive as I am in the office.

I seem to be working longer hours but not getting my backlog done.

Our lack of leadership in the QLD Gov is doing my head in because there is no direction. I feel like I am blind running around in circles.

Has anyone else done this and been able to over come it?


Hi @Colleen, I’m happy for you to reach out if you need a head (or wall) to bounce things against. Everyone I have spoken to is the same, trying to stay ahead of changes, manage remote teams and conduct business as usual.

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My little team are probably doing their jobs really well considering the circumstances. Maybe this is the micro-manager coming out in me. I don’t want to lose any Clients. I lost one because the Tenant said he was not going to pay any more rent and the Landlord said we are not strong enough to get him to pay and moving agents. FFS!! Really!