Entry and exit inspection

Are we able to continue with entry & exit inspection under lockdown?

How are we to manage tenants that are already signed up?

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Hi Cindy,

This is one of the big grey areas that has come up since the anouncment at mid-day. Here is what we know.


Our industry as a whole is not classed as an “Essential Business” however, the accommodation of medical staff, and people in quarantine is.

However, if you refer to the further clarification that has been circulating today from the Auckland Law Society, and other similar sources they consensus is that “Moving house is not classed as Necessary Travel” and tenants/homeowners are encouraged to differ settlement of vacating/moving into a new home until after the 4-week lock-down.

On a practical level, at Wendell’s we have contacted all tenants who are moving in or out in the next 4 weeks and moved the days up (to before COB on Wednesdays) or extended out (to the end of the 4-week lockdown) very similar to the “Movement Freeze” has been mentioned by several experts.

I agree while I would like us to be classified as an Essential Business, I think that travel is going to be limited for our industry, and therefore we cannot continue to perform BAU over the coming month.

We printed a “Tenant Movement Report” from the palace for the lockdown period and then have created a plan for each. The team is completing all move-in inspections for anything we can (including vacant listings yet to be rented) so we can move quickly in the next 48 hours and get people into these homes.

I hope this helps, feel free to give me a text or email, (+64 21 079 8956, or ashley.giles@lpma.com) if you want to chat it through anymore. Happy to share what we, and other offices I am speaking to are doing to manage.

It is all so new, and moving so fast we are all having to make it up as we go along! Good luck, and please stay safe!