How are you sourcing new staff

Recruitment companies have always been an expensive resource for sourcing potential new staff. unfortunately, for me, they have also been a great source of experience and qualified leads. We are however finding that there is a trend away from using recruitment companies, with businesses leveraging their own assets to drive recruitment leads. Two things that have worked well for me in the past is staff referral and LinkedIn contacts.

What are other people doing to find quality applicants to fill their current and future staffing solutions?

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Hey @adam, I love this topic sorry to chime in so early…

Wendell’s position our social advertising at recruitment, millennial engagement and community based branding.

Recently, Facebook have released a Job listing option, so you can actually run your ad’s for free online. (It does pay to boost these a little however to get good reach)

Another way that has really worked is through our existing staff. We always find that recruiting through staff is a positive thing, some of our best recruits have been the partners (yes we have 3 couples working with us) siblings and friends of our top performing employees.
(A word of warning here though, always hire on merit not relationship alone, and be upfront with the employee who holds the relationship in your business already. I always say that would it effect your relationship with them if I needed to fire them for lack of performance?

Generally, we find that those who have a connection perform even higher than most, there is a sense of accountability and responsibility to uphold the recommendation.

Anyway, thats my 2 cents, there are some other awesome ideas out there…

The team from Just property do a group interview system, I know that @glenn does a reverse interview system (where the candiate interviews him) which huge success.

Cant wait to hear peoples ideas! I do believe as a business owner, finding, training and keeping good people is out biggest limitation to growth…

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Thanks for sharing @ashley.giles I like that you are building a team based on existing relationships. I also like that you can use Facebook for recruitment. I find when you use local recruitment platforms that you get spammed by people, most of which don’t even have the correct credentials for the role.

Linked in is also very good, but I have not really used it yet… Love to hear who is having success with this platform?