How do you manage technology change

Big day for Wendell’s were moving to Palace Liquid! What I have been most impressed with is the rollout plan.

@michael and the team at Palace (especially Nick) have been incredible in cretaing a very detailed roll-out & training plan. The downtime was minimal, and their team were here bright and early and are working beside our PM’s on their daily tasks to make sure everyone gets on board with the update.

This is has been our biggest software move in 10 years, and it been our smoothest… It has made me wonder, what do you do when your rolling new tech into the business? Do you have a plan, do you appoint champions in the office…

I would love to know if someone has a great framework out there, as I think that integrating all the new tech well is going to make or break business moving forward!


Implementing change is something many of us are unsure on how to manage. Whether it is a big-ticket item like a new platform or team structure or something minor like a new process, the same concept applies. As @ashley.giles has stated. Having a good implementation plan is half the battle but also recruiting members of your team that are pro-change to lead the charge.

Here is a graphic on change management. It’s not mine, Googled it ;p


You so should have claimed this as your own @adam! Its awsome…

It always amazing me how this step is missed, but its so critical… I remember talking to @sarah who has been very kind sharing her stories about implementing change, she had a great plan, but had to keep adjusting… She got the results in the end and has shared some of the amazing lessons she learned along the way…

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Oh cool! let us know how you go with it. We are still Palace live. We have to be adaptable to change and embrace it otherwise we get left behind.


You will love it! The team are so happy… Its so much faster and, no issues with bloody Citrix! :slight_smile:

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And Shadi and Ashley, you can just push a button and send your clients details through to
Fast Connect! No forms to fill in, no phone calls, easy as!


I do love your platform @kelly super simple… And one tip for PM companies out there, have your incoming and outgoing tenants have to “Opt Out” not “Opt In” for your fast connect connections, it has more than doubled our income, not to mention stopped issues with the transitions.

Love your work!

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