If I wasn't in Property Management, i'd be a

(Adam Hooley) #1

I’d thought I’d have a bit of Friday fun. Finish this sentence:
If I wasn’t in property management, I’d be a…

I’ll lead.

If I wasn’t in property management I’d be living in the Maldives as a Resort Manager laying by the pool, drinking cocktails with the guests and running up a horrific room service bill. #soseriesrightnowMaldives

(Jodie Stainton) #2

I have absolutely no idea. I thought I was going to be a lawyer until I realised that I wouldn’t be able to cope with an unjust ruling on strong evidence because of a stupid technicality. As part of my journalism/law subject at uni,
I went to court to report on some terrible things. I saw some people walk away who were clearly guilty on really stupid stuff and I just couldn’t deal with it.
I think I could have ended up in the medical profession in research. I’ve read probably hundreds, maybe a thousand medical journal articles and I love it. (I know, there’s something seriously wrong with me!)

(Adam Hooley) #3

You do put up a strong argument @jodie.stainton :slight_smile:

(Ashley Giles) #4

Instagram Influencer… I mean, its such a contribution to the world… and I defiantly have the face for it! Hahaha

(Side note @adam I have been a resort manager for a couple of years in Bali, it gets boring! but i do miss the daily turndown service in my house now… Wifie not quite that well trained!) :rofl:

(Adam Hooley) #5

ha ha Maybe she needs to train you to do it ;p

(Glenn Lehman) #6

a conductor on a train.

(Terri Handy) #7

And I was sure your answer would be a Queen’s Guard @glenn

(Ashley Giles) #8

My children would love that @glenn! Haha…