Key tracking solutions

Hey all

Keeping a track of all of your keys!!

We are currently using the old pen and paper system with a “key register book” but am interested to see if anyone is using technology for this, or any alternative system that works for there office.

I have looked into Logitout but really keen to hear peoples feedback and recommendations



Hi @Cherie welcome to the LPMA forums :wave: It’s awesome to have you here. Keys are a huge killer for us. I know here in Oz many offices use the Key Tracker app within inspect realestate.

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Hi Cherie, we used to use a key register book but at the start of the year I made the decision to use the Advanced Key Tracker system in Palace…it took some time for staff to get into the habit of using it and then I threw the physical book away much to their horror haha…I just found with it being there, it was too easy to not commit to the new system. Everything is working really well now and everyone is happy.


Thanks for the response Lee - So many options but we’ve had a bit of change lately so will look at throwing out my key book next year :slight_smile: - I bet that felt liberating!!