Lease Renewals

Just have a question in regards to lease renewals

I know in Queensland you get sent both a lease renewal and a termination notice at the same time. Is this law or just practice? If you don’t sign a new lease then the termination notice is valid.

What do other states/countries do?

Interested to see other practices

Hey Louise,
This was a practice some time ago, but most stopped doing it when there was suggestion that sending a lease and termination at the same time was confusing for the tenants.
Most now send a lease renewal and then send a termination notice if the renewal isn’t signed within a stated timeframe.
If some are still doing it, it’s definitely not due to the law.
Hope you’re well!

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Thanks Jodie
You are correct - my daughter who is in BNE sent it to me and asked - what does this mean Mum - and I remembered it being a practice from a RW PM conference many years ago. With trying to get lease renewals up in a couple of the offices I worked with - was wondering the reasoning behind it in QLD and what everyone’s practice - thanks for the feedback.
All is well

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We are in QLD and we send the renewal with a sentence that simply says they will receive a notice to leave if we don’t get the renewal back on such and such a date.

One of my PMs is a 20 year veteran and she seems to think it just became the norm because it meant one email not 2.

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Hi all, We practice the same as Jodie has suggested - if a renewal is not returned with a certain timeframe, a termination notice is sent to ensure it complies with the legislation as Owners dont want their lease end date being pushed out into a time of year that is not beneficial for them.

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