LPMA Breakthrough Business Program Shout Out

If want a really good look into your business and how you are operating, I highly recommend the LPMA Breakthrough Business Program.

It gets you to really look at all areas of your business and business structure and it is a deep dive into the effectiveness of your operations.

I have been working through this program all year and putting necessary structures in place, tweaking strategies and making the business more robust. Position descriptions are about the positions and not the people that are in them, that allows for changes. Feedback highlights areas where staff (and management) need training.

If you have not done so already - make this a goal for 2022


We have recently completed a round of Business Planning with our team, and the Breakthrough Business Program was a key part of the process, not least as the Trello checklists helped us corral the many ideas into manageable areas.

I’m with you Louise, a worthwhile process made easy, just complete the survey and you have a report and project management tool within 24 hours.

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thank you for that feedback! We are in the thought process stage of doing this in the near future too, so your thoughts are valuable and appreciated, thanks!

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Thanks Julie, good to hear the feedback. This is something I have been considering lately to keep the improvement momentum going.

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Definitely do it - it makes you think about your business - what your strategy is - do you have enough foundations and staff in place - and what you can do better. It also allows the staff to have a better understanding of what is trying to be achieved and you will run a tighter process with better customer satisfaction in the long run.