New pet laws

Hi, now that the new pet laws for tenancies have been introduced to several states, with South Australia to follow, I would be interested to know what challenges people have found with these new laws and what processes you have changed to ensure protection for the landlords. We have a pet agreement of course but knowledge of other issues would be helpful. Look forward to your feedback.


Hi Sharon, Pets I find more and more are getting hidden at inspections, I completed an inspection at a property and I had a trade go and do some work at the same property 3 days later, and there was a snake in a glass cabinet, never have I seen this before, the tenants clearly hide it as it isn’t on their lease, and with Reptiles you need to have a special licence. It’s difficult to monitor, the best we can do is our best is to remind our landlord’s to have the appropriate landlord insurance.


It’s great to have suppliers onside and willing to let us know if they notice an issue with the property when they are working there - all about good relationships!

These laws have not yet been introduced in NZ, but there are noises about them coming, and a few worrying precedents have been set at tribunal, so it’s interesting to hear what challenges you have across the water :slight_smile:


lots of challenges but that’s why I love my job :crazy_face: