NPS & Customer Feedback

(Adam Hooley) #1

How many people are using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a client facing survey tool to seek feedback from their clients? I know many people seek feedback, but if you’re not using NPS, how are you measuring it to ensure that feedback is being driven into the business and improvement is being made at the customer level?

(Ashley Giles) #2

Wendell’s are not yet, we have struggled to find a good provider. I would love any recommendations of who people are using, and the costs…

(Adam Hooley) #3

I think thats a big hurdle with NPS @ashley.giles. It is quite complex to do on your own and although there are many providers out there, they are expensive. Was just wondering if anyone else has found an alternate solution.

(Jodie Stainton) #4

Hey @adam, Coronis is using Customer Monitor. To be honest, I can’t wait until LPMA’s Customer Experience program is out as I think it will be superior. The issue with customer monitor and all the major NPS systems is that you have to load the data. That means there’s a delay between when the transaction happened and when we survey. I can’t wait until it’s like Uber where you rate each transaction.

(Michael Furlong) #5

Today I presented a Principal Breakout for an Agency Network and talked about “ Customer Monitors” 2017 report which had property management at -29.

For many in the room, today was the first time they had heard the expression NPS. I think there will be quite a few agency’s researching it as of Monday when they get back to their offices.

BTW - banks & insurance had -3 in 2017 report. interesring to see what the Royal Commission impacts has on their rating in 2018.

(Adam Hooley) #6

Thanks for sharing @mfurlong Its not a surprise it comes in at -29. Real estate in general always seems to hover around the -15. Customer facing scoring like NPS has been clunky and expensive in the past so that may have contributed to the low awareness in the industry. What was the general feeling in the room? Did they seem pro customer facing scoring?

(Sarah Martin) #7

We use survey monkey cx
costs $2400 for the first 1000 Reponses then $480 per 1000 after that.
We send out at the below points of the tenancy:

(Adam Hooley) #8

Hey @sarah how do you get the data for each of those lists in Survey Monkey and how do you refresh them?

(Sarah Martin) #9

Routines - Automatically sent when we public a RI report
OFI’s - List generated from IRE
New TTs - List generated from PPTME
Outgoing TTs - List generated from PPTME
Maintenance - Added in when invoice approved
You can then filter them like below, so we filter per month and per Property manager.

(Russell Smith) #10

Hi everyone,

MoovMe provides a ‘concierge’ moving home service for a wide number of poverty management companies in New Zealand. Do you think we should or could be the ones that collect the scores from customer?

We certainly could digitise this, asking tenants once they have completed a Moov?

I imagine this is something that we could build into our platform for you guys and give for free as part of our service?

I don’t have a well thought out plan at all but feel free to discuss on here if anyone has any ideas how they would like to see it work.