Omicron wave and inspections

Now that we are on the crest of the Omicon wave in NZ, what’s everyone’s view on inspections going forward?

We have a dedicated inspections officer and we are beginning to feel a little uneasy about sending her into 8-10 homes per day, with case numbers on the up.

Wondering what others are doing in NZ and also how our Aussie and American friends managed inspections during their Omicron wave.



Hi Oliver, yes it’s certainly hotting up!

We have decided to continue with inspections for the time being, with a couple of extra precautions: 1 - we ask tenants to vacate for inspections and 2 - we have further tightened up on Covid protocols/PPE while in properties.

Anyone isolating we ask to complete a tenant-led inspection and send us photos etc. Moving target though, we’re making ready to change again as things escalate…
Good luck!


Thanks for sharing Julie.

We’ve put a halt to routine inspections just due to so many tenants isolating/positive. Those that we are doing I am following the same process, kindly requesting they wait outside.

We are also requesting that tenants complete a tenant assisted inspection, however we’re also aware the Insurance council does not accept these as a routine inspection as per the policy requirements.

Bit of a tough water to navigate!

We’ve currently got our IM completing additional administration tasks to assist the Property Managers, all those little jobs that are always on the back burner.

Hope you’re all staying safe down South!