Onboarding Tradespeople

Does anyone have a dedicated process to ensure trades know the process when dealing with the company and tenants in a preferred way?


Hi Sharon, I have a process that I follow for each new trade, and am also looking to implement a trades contract.

We use Bricks and Agent which requires trades to upload their liability and insurance documentation and if expires B&A follow this up.

My process effectively outlines the code of conduct we expect, payment terms, notice periods, unlwaful entry etc :slight_smile:

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Thanks Cherie, do you just use an email when on-boarding explaining your expectations etc?


Yes, just outline how we operate/maintenance platform etc all via email.

We don’t currently have any formal “trades contract” in place but I am looking to do this in the new year

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Hi Sharon,

We do! We have a formal contract that is based of the TPS one. Very thorough!

I meet with them (or have a phone call), we give them 3 jobs and then I get the work checked. We then let them work with one PM (normally a very up to date and senior PM) to get the communication and problem solving spot on. Then they get introduced to 2-3 others who are the right fit. It takes time but we only need a handful of new trades at any one time - so feels like a worthwhile investment.

Great question!


Thanks Natalie, it’s good to hear that I am on the right track too.


We have a trade contract/agreement that outlines our terms of trade, expectations etc. We use Tapi which coordinates the tradies insurance and liability forms and renewals as well.
Few things like, taking shoes off when entering properties, not leaving a mess (amazed by how many tradies still do this to tenants).
DM me if you would like a copy :slight_smile: